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The only hiring platform dedicated to roughnecks and rig movers.

Why Drilling Hands?

The vast majority of turnover in oil and gas occurs on drilling rigs, more specifically around the rotary table. This isn’t anything new, in fact it has been extremely high for years. Drilling and rig moving companies typically see 8 out of 10 workers leave within the first month. That’s 80% turnover.

As the only hiring platform dedicated to roughnecks and rig movers, DrillingHands.com automates the hiring process by efficiently matching qualified hands with rig jobs. We streamline the candidate search by giving employers access to a centralized rig worker database, and we help the job seeker by connecting them directly with drilling or rig moving companies.


Employers, eliminate overhead costs associated with job fairs/hiring events


Employers, maximize hiring efficiency with a centralized rig worker database


Rig hands, create a profile and let the employers connect directly with you


Automate the hiring process and “Keep it Turning to the Right!”

How It Works

Hands sign up, answer the questions, and a profile is generated.

Employer signs up, answers the questions, and a pool of hands is generated.

Search results for the Employer populate with top rated, matching results.

Employer selects which hands they are interested in contacting.

Employer purchases credits in order to contact hands.

Employer contacts and hires hand.

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